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    Low frequency transformer
    Low frequency transformer, stable performance and high reliability. Can be customized according to customer's different requirements. Product power range can be achieved 0.5VA-6KVA, the main uses of products: power supply, UPS power supply, equipment and equipment power supply, household appliances, smart meters, medical equipment, air conditioners, refrigerators, sports equipment, inverters, elevators and so on. click for more>>

    High frequency transformer
    High-frequency transformers have high product use efficiency and diversified shapes and can be manufactured according to customers' needs in different fields. Product power range: 1VA-10KVA. The product is mainly used for: switching power supply, UPS power supply, industrial power supply, photovoltaic inverter, network communication, automotive electronics, instrumentation and so on. click for more>>

    Magnetic inductance
    Magnetic inductance, the main filter, a common mode inductance, the word inductance, toroidal inductor, toroidal transformer, R rods. The major products used for switching power supplies, network communication, LED, photovoltaic inverter, automotive electronics, instrumentation, and other electronic appliances. The circuit according to the requirements of customers, designed to match. click for more>>

    About OSRAM
    Established in 2013, Ocheon Electronics Co., Ltd. is an electronic transformer specialized in development, design, manufacture and sales. It is a professional manufacturer of power adapters. The main products are electronic transf... Click for more>>

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    Dongguan City Osho Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Mobile: 13650166160
    Address: Chung Tsai Industrial Area, Tuo Wo Wo Community, Wanjiang Street, Dongguan City
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    24H Service Hotline:13650166160
    Address: Chung Tsai Industrial Area, Tuo Wo Wo Community, Wanjiang Street, Dongguan City
    Copyright:Dongguan Ochesheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 粵ICP備18035491號-1
    About OSRAM
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